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Engraved jewellery by THOMAS SABO

Make memories last with engraved Love Bridge jewellery! The new THOMAS SABO range is all about personalization and creating unique, meaningful pieces with your own jewellery engraving that comes complimentary with the purchase of any item from this page. Capture your personal message for all eternity and surprise your loved one with something truly special, the perfect gift for every occasion: an engraved bracelet or necklace carrying all of your feelings!

A bridge that connects: with an individual engraving on an iron lock, many sweethearts immortalize their feelings on the most beautiful Love Bridges in the world. The new THOMAS SABO Love Bridge series is inspired by this romantic practice and celebrates the deep connection between two people: a bar made of 925 Sterling silver joins the two ends of the bracelet and provides space for a personal jewellery engraving full of emotions.

Create your very own designs with a complimentary jewellery engraving  

Thanks to the wide range of styles and colours, the engraved Love Bridge jewellery perfectly represents the THOMAS SABO design codes, catering for both male and female customers of all style, taste, and age. The classic, ultra-elegant and subtle engraved bracelets crafted entirely from 925 Sterling silver - also available in the 18kt yellow or rose gold plated version - offer the possibility to express your very own sentiments and to capture your personal moments of happiness for all eternity. Just select the “Engrave this item” option and create your personalized jewellery engraving: it can be a name, a special date to remember, your loved one’s name or a life motto. You can also add little love symbols to your inscription that will be engraved along with your message.  Just follow the simple steps and your engraved bracelet design will be ready in a few minutes! You’ll receive your engraved jewellery to the designated delivery address complete with your bespoke personalization. 

Unique engraved jewellery: a wide choice of bracelets and necklaces

Also included in the Love Bridge engraved jewellery range, delicate necklaces with 925 Sterling silver tag, rounded or heart-shaped, offering space for a small engraving, like two initials or a cute love symbol. Engraving this type of jewellery is also very easy and fun: play with our easy jewellery engraving tool and express your feeling with personalization that no-one else will have!

The engraved beaded Love Bridge bracelets also come in a variety of colour stones and look just stunning when worn in stacks! Collect all of them and have them engraved with different messages: they will become your unique creations, thanks to a jewellery engraving that comes completely free of charge – THOMAS SABO’s personal gift to you!

Mark special occasions with a customized jewellery engraving

Engraved jewellery is a must-have of Autumn/Winter 2015: personalizing your gifts with a bespoke engraving makes you the creator of unique pieces that are special and meaningful. This is why Love Bridge was created: to offer you the chance to deliver your message in the most exceptional fashion!

Celebrate a birthday, a wedding, the birth of a baby or your eternal friendship with an engraved Love Bridge bracelet and make memories last forever!

  New engraving silver jewellery: customizable newness in the THOMAS SABO world!

Sophisticated playfulness: the new Love Coins are sure to become the new must-haves of Autumn/Winter 2016! Collectible rounded or heart-shaped coins reveal a beautiful symbol made of dazzling cubic zirconia on one side: a lotus flower, Fatima’s Hand and many more symbols that will adorn the wearer’s neck.

In the Spinning Coins necklaces, one more highlight of the new THOMAS SABO collection, a rotating coin is set on a simple structure and allows the wearer to play with the disc and to decide whether showing the engraving or keep it close to their heart. An unexpected jewellery design which is both unique and versatile as it can be worn from day to night, with office attire or relaxed weekend ensembles.

Love Bands, stunning ring bands in highly polished sterling silver, offer the possibility to be engraved, for truly personalized gifts